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The Cobra Class 29-18 Patch Machine is a good copy of a machine that has been around almost since the dawn of sewing machines. Every shoe repair shop had one because they needed to sew a patch on the inside of a boot or shoe or sew a patch on a jacket. The machine had a 360° rotatable walking foot that would allow you to easily stitch in any direction at all. And you could hand crank them so that you could sew slowly. With the improved Cobra patching machine, you can still sew in any direction, and you can crank it by hand either from the end of the machine or the front, which is nice. And it’s just wonderful for sewing a patch way down inside a boot, or for sewing a patch on a jacket or hat. It is not a heavy leather sewing machine, but neither is that old Singer one that good ol' Uncle Ralph has in his shed! The 18˝ narrow arm only allows for a very, very small bobbin, so sewing long lines is not happy. It will use 46-138 thread, but 69 is ideal. Will sew about 3/16˝ in thickness.

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS: 18˝ Cylinder Arm Digital Servo Motor Heavy Duty Speed Reducer Walking Foot Feed Mechanism Sewing Thickness up to 3/16˝ 5-25 Stitches Per Inch Thread Sizes 46-138 System 135x16, 135x17 29 - 18 Bobbin Pedestal Stand on Wheels LED Light Thread Stand Bobbin Winder 4 Bobbins 10pk. of Size 18 Needles Thread Snips Spool of 69 Natural Thread Oil & Tool Package Owner's Manual STANDARD ACCESSORIES:



Cobra Class 29-18 - Full patch machine Cobra Class 29-18 - HEAD ONLY






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