Leather Machine Guide

NP-4 & NP-10

Both the NP-4 and NP-10 have adjustable speed motors that are controlled the same way a sewing machine is controlled, are powered by a digital D.C. servo motor with adjustable speeds, and both feature a built-in knife sharpener and heavy-duty guide. These are amazing machines for those that can go thru the learning curve! The NP-4 offers skiving up to 8-9 oz. of leather, while the NP-10 can skive up to 16 oz. of leather!

CAUTION: You should make sure that you know what you’re buying whenever you purchase a skiving machine! The Cobra skivers are as user friendly as you’ll find on the market, and they work great. We use them daily! If you’ve never owned or worked with one, you should speak with someone knowledgeable about them before you buy! The key to operating a skiver correctly has to do with “sharp”. Not just pretty sharp. But really sharp. And being able to keep it that way.









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