Leather Machine Guide

The bottom line is this: SLC will work with you as far as humanly and reasonably possible tomake you successful. If you’re willing towork with us, you’ll find us willing towork with you.

The following are the tips, tricks, and educated opinions of Kevin (SLC Owner) and Rusty (SLC President.) Although we live by theses tips and tricks, this booklet is merely a guide we use here at SLC. There is no "Do It All" Machine and just because one machine is more expensive doesn't mean it’s any better than a less expensive one. Buy your machine based on your needs. If you have the opportunity to purchase a machine that does more than you need at the moment, then go for it! You'll never regret buying a machine with a longer arm than you need, but you might regret purchasing a machine with a shorter arm if your needs change in the future. Don't trip over dollars just to pick up dimes. Buy your machine from someone that understands sewingmachines, has used themextensively, and that you feel good about. This is one of themost important statements in this information booklet. Return Policy for Machines SLC wants you to be successful and have a great experience with whatever machine you purchase. To that end we try to provide the absolute best level of service so as to ensure your success. Before you make your machine purchase, give us a call and chat with our customer service staff or watch one of our many educational videos to determine which machine will be the best investment for your business. It isn’t our goal to sell you the most expensive machine we can but to sell you the RIGHT machine, the first time. Moving leather machinery across the country is not a

simple task and getting a machine back that didn’t end up being the right fit for a customer creates grief for everyone involved. To that end, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve ordered a machine that is not fitting your needs, please contact us and we will work with you as far as humanly and reasonably possible to resolve the situation. If you’re willing to work with us, you’ll find us willing to work with you. Freight & Shipping Machines are shipped by truck on a pallet or available for pickup at SLC. For most machines, (with the exception of the 10-ton clicker press, and the AK-20 strap cutter) freight charges will run from $250.00 up to about $350.00 to a BUSINESS ADDRESS OR SHIPPING HUB. Some machines are less costly to ship, such as the Cobra burnisher. Of course, there are destinations that can cause an exception. If you live at 405 Elm street in a small subdivision, it would be best to discuss delivery options before you order. If you live outside the contiguous U.S. please call or email for shipping options.


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