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The Electronic Positioning System (EPS) comes with the Needle Position Motor, Electronic Synchronizer, and the Power Handwheel. The EPS is a labor saving device that saves time, money, and, at the same time, gives consistent and precise stitching. It also allows the needle to stop up, down, make 90° corners, back track, and remove your work without ever having to touch the handwheel!

SPECIFICATIONS: Needle up and Needle Down Positioning Motor Digital Read-Out 110 volts & 500 Watts 0 - 4000 RPM Up/Down Arrow Speed Control Quick Change Fuse 50 MM Pulley Belt Guard Adjustable Belt Tightening System Extra 8 AMP Fuse



EPS Package




Leather Machinery is an integral part to leather crafting, especially if you're looking to take it from hobby to business or you're looking to complete more ambitious projects. From sewing machines to clickers and all of their parts, we have amassed a collection of the essentials. You can find more

information about each product on their individual pages and more information about sewing machine techniques on our YouTube channel. Of course, if you still have a question about machinery, feel free to contact us. We love to talk about machinery. SLC also facilitates financing options. Don't let the

"Oh some day" phrase get stuck in endless loop. We have many options to put that set of words to rest. If you are a little afraid to jump to investing into one of our machines give us a call and we can discuss ways where you feel comfortable and ready to take your projects to the next level.

Bottom line: Investing is a difficult jump. We want to make it easy, affordable, and fun.


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