Leather Machine Guide


At SLC, we have just about every buying option you can think of! For those who prefer the classic approach, we have our retail showroom, and our catalog and phone operators. All of these options come at no extra cost to you. To buy online, use our website or one of our e-commerce accounts on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. It’s worth noting that when

you purchase from SLC online, we pre-authorize your card for your purchase price, but do not actually debit any money from your account until we send the order to you. That’s because buying leather can come with a lot of estimates, so when we finally fill your order, we adjust your price to reflect what you’re actually getting. This gives you a window to make any

necessary changes to your order and makes it simple for you to get your money back just in case we run out of something. We used to process international orders just like our domestic orders, but we found that our shipping estimates were not always accurate. So, if you would like to order internationally give us a call or email team@springfieldleather.com.

Bottom line: Flexibility is important. We want you to feel valued and build trust.


1-800-668-8518 | 1463 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield MO 65804 | springfieldleather.com

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