Leather Machine Guide

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE CAPABILITIES OF DIFFERENT MODELS. Although we all wish there was one single machine to do it all there really isn’t, good news is there are machines that do a lot. The only hard part is picking the one that best fits your needs. I’d encourage anyone that’s about to buy a sewing machine, new or used*, from us, a competitor, or “Uncle Charlie”, to give us a call first. We’ll do our best to tell you if it’s a great deal, an okay deal, or a possible bad decision. We’ll try hard to make you smarter, and it’s possible that we may save you a bunch of grief, and if you’re lucky, some money! *Please Note: Springfield Leather Company DOES NOT sell USEDMachines.




Item# 355-318

Item# 527-4P

Item# 527-8810

A POST MACHINE is great for bags, upholstery, belts, garments, sewing patches on jackets, decorative stitching, as well as stitching in hard to reach places.

A HEAVY CYLINDER ARM MACHINE is a whole different animal. These work great for belts, holsters, sheaths, saddle and tack, tarps, and usually just anything that is very thick.

A FLATBED MACHINE works well for chaps & chinks, wallets, some bags, upholstery, belts, tarps, and does a nice job on basic around the house sewing.


The warranty that Leather Machine Co, LLC is for the original purchaser only! Any Machinery with a factory defect will be replaced or repaired free of charge. In subsequent years Leather Machine Co. LLC will make the determination. Casting, shafts, bushings, bearings, connecting rods, linkage, hand-wheel, cams, or any internal parts are covered with this warranty. Except wearable parts; needles, bobbins, plates, feed dogs, feet, belts, bulbs, springs, guides, shuttle hooks, bobbin cases, tension assemblies, knives, or blades. All Motors come with a 3 year warranty. Leather Machine Co. LLC will not be responsible for abuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, accidents, or natural disasters. **Subject to change without notice**


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